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The Grove, Watford

Scorchio!! Was the weather forecast the day James and Becca got married. I’m having a flash back to my child hood watching the Fast Show, and now I’m starting to show my age.

Right, where was I, ah yes James and Becca’s wedding day. We joined this wonderful duo during the morning to document their wedding prep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we really bloody love the mornings. Hanging out with the wedding party, getting to know whose who in the family and capturing the emotional rollercoaster as the couple get ready. James and Becca’s morning was no exception as they were surrounded by their loved ones. Becca was at Granny’s house and James his parents. We love capturing the simple things like someone making or having a cuppa, incorporating the family home and all the memories that have been made past and present and of course capturing the story of the wedding day.

James and Becca’s ceremony took place at St John the Baptist Church. The vicar was happy for us to do our thang and document the ceremony. It was a lovely little church and we were happy to ninja about to grab some different perspectives and all the enjoyment of the ceremony. Outside we made the most of a bit of shade and did a few family photos.

For the reception we headed over to The Grove in Watford where the rest of the day would unravel. We shoot mostly documentary photography so we spend lots of time bouncing around weddings grabbing moments and emotions. Of course we took the opportunity to head outside with James and Rebecca for some couple portraits. They were both a little camera shy and really wanted to focus on being with their friends and family so we didn’t keep them for long but they were so happy and loved up we didn’t need long at all.

The party was lots of fun, The Rose man kept Becca topped up and her and James danced the night away!