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Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers


I’m the Sam in Sam and Simon photography and I’d love to tell you a little bit about us. Simon and I are husband and wife wedding photography duo based in Surrey but covering the whole of the UK and beyond.   


My photography journey started when Simon upgraded his DSLR camera and donated his old camera to me. I always enjoyed taking photos but equipped with my new toy I was ready to take things to the next level. I enlisted the help of a top model to start practising, a leggy blonde named Bella (her profile is below). I quickly moved on to taking photos of actual people and covering private and corporate events. Eventually we were asked to cover a friend’s wedding in Turkey and that’s where my love for wedding photography began. I now have the best job in the world.


Nick GroomPrep 244

He loves gadgets, is a bit of a geek  and is an absolute workaholic. He is the second shooter at weddings and we work seamlessly together, we tackle a ceremony in a ninja like fashion and communicate telepathically, it’s a real art, you need to see it for yourself.

Our wedding photography Journey and style

We shoot approximately 25-30 weddings a year. On our journey as wedding photographers we’ve had the pleasure of meeting lot’s of lovely couples. We’ve captured their weddings at a variety of venues; church halls, roof top gardens, farms, barns and French Chateaus! We’ve cried and laughed through speeches and danced our way through numerous wedding receptions. It’s been fab!

Our style is natural, creative and fun with a lot of heart and soul thrown in. Some may call it documentary wedding photography or photo journalistic wedding photography. We just go with natural! We’re not into dramatic poses, we’ll just provide a little guidance during your couple portraits but other than that we won’t interfere. We just want to capture you being you. The rest of the time we’re all about capturing the moments.

Our journey with you usually starts with an email and then a meet up or a video call, maybe a glass of wine or a fancy coffee and it will end at your wedding on the dance floor cutting some shapes!

Our love story

Where do I start…. We had known each other for many years through a mutual friend but it was a warm summers afternoon at a park in London that we realised we liked in each other “in that way”. We started dating, fell in love, adopted a couple of dogs and moved to a Surrey, which is now home for us. We got married in July 2017 at Chateau De Lacoste in the Dordogne, it was a really fab day!

The Doggies

Our lives generally revolve around our four legged children, Bella and Ripley. They’re awesome pooches and they make us smile every day. They’re a little spoilt; they have their freshly cooked food delivered every fortnight, they enjoy holidaying in France and yes, they sleep in our bed! We’re absolutely bonkers about them. Every year we head to France as they love to brush up on their French while we enjoy a few bottles of vino, some delicious French cuisine and some lovely walks along the beach and French countryside.

Every so often we’ll leave the pooches with their Auntie Kat and head off for an adventure. New Orleans is my happy place, if you haven’t been I highly recommend it.

Foooooood, music, our first dance and España

Food makes me happy and I love to cook, I find getting creative in the kitchen helps me unwind and Simon loves to eat so we’re a perfect match there. My signature dish is Chilli Prawn Linguine topped with a handful of rocket, a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano and a drizzle of balsamic.

We like a variety of music, we disagree on who’s better out of 2Pac and Biggie. Frank Sinatra has a special place in my heart and ‘When you’re smiling’ was our first dance song. We often lose each other at festivals but we’ll happily make new friends and dance all day.

Simon is half Spanish, his family are from Andalucia and he is fluent, he will call your mum “Mama!”. I like to wear hats and love to dance like a crazy person. Simon’s favorite bow tie shop is Mrs Bow Tie.

Now that you know a bit about us, we’d love to get to know you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Sam x

Meet The Team

Sam 2


Lover of photography, a good wedding, travel, food, wine, Simon, Bella, Ripley and life!
Takes a ninja like approach to weddings, she will be everywhere capturing everything!


Husband to Sam and high-flying entrepreneur (self-proclaimed). Telepathically communicates with Sam making him the perfect 2nd shooter. He loves a long lens and taking those in the moment shots from afar. 

Missy Bella

First born pooch. Head food tester, quality assuring all food and treats before Ripley has a try. Loves dog agility and you will often find her running through a tunnel or flying off of the A-frame.

Mr Ripley

Mama’s boy and cuddly dude. He loves tennis balls and is 100% convinced he is a superhero, his super power is fending off pesky squirrels with his super duper little bark!

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