oaks farm wedding


Oh these two, where do I start…..

….I know, at the end, I never do this but I’m going to skip right to the end, when we experienced the most epic dance floor action in the form of the best impromptu father/daughter dance I’ve ever seen. The tunes were banging, everyone was having a great time and Jordan and Helen were having the time of their lives. A song was coming to an end and Jordan was about to slip off to get a drink but the next tune started up and Jordan’s face lit up and he grabbed Helen’s dad and shouted “Andrew it’s your tuuuune”, Andrew is Helen’s dad btw. Then right before my eyes Helen and Andrew danced like loonies to Darude’s Sandstorm. I had my camera in one hand phone videoing in the other and I snapped away whilst recording until I felt the hand of my partner in crime, Simon take the phone from me so I could focus on capturing what was unravelling before me. It was AMAZING!!

Now, just because I started at the end is no reflection on the rest of the day because it was just as awesome. I dropped Simon to Helen and Jordan’s flat in the morning where the boys were getting ready and then nipped 10 minutes down the road to Helen’s parent’s house to see the girls. There was a great bubbly vibe in the house, helped by Kiss 100 playing some absolute tunes! I love taking pics at a family home, there’s so much character and warmth and lots to shoot. I spent my time moving between the kitchen and the bedrooms to fully document everything that was happening, including hair and makeup,a bit of ironing in the kitchen, the boys swinging by to pick up some bits, cousins arriving. There was lots going on and it was great.Helen’s dress was gorgeous and she almost got a tear out of me, I had to pull myself together but it really suited her and her Mum and Dad were beaming when they saw her.

The ceremony and reception was held at Oaks Farm barn wedding venue in Croydon, we’d never shot here before which is great because we were going in with fresh eyes. It’s a lovely venue surrounded by a golf course and endless fields. The ceremony Barn is beautiful, very bright and rustic. It has a lot of charm.

The boys arrived at the Oaks Farm Barn wedding venue nice and early, Jordan put up some orange balloons outside which shouted “turn here!!” and then got into his suit. They opted for grey suits with orange ties and matching orange socks, with Jordan wearing a navy blue jacket, it really worked.

The ceremony was lovely, Jordan shed a couple of tears (I do love it when a groom cries) and Helen grinned the whole way through. They both looked so happy and so in love, very cute! Jordan’s little step-sister was very brave and stepped up to do a reading and her mum looked so proud of her.

During the drinks reception a game of beer pong had kicked off, we were dying for Helen and Jordan to get involved so with the help of the bridesmaids and groomsmen we instigated a bride vs groom game of beer pong, we actually only meant to set up a photo op but they went on to have a full on game, it was hilarious and a first for us at a wedding.

The speeches, now these were very good, Jordan really has a way with words and is a very talented writer.  I almost dropped my camera from laughing so much (note I have a back-up camera) and I almost cried, ok maybe I did cry a little. Jordan pulled out a miniature bottle of disaronno which Helen had bought him when they were dating and he had said he would drink it on their wedding day, so down the hatch it went. He got me, I welled up!

Jordan had then set up a honeymoon quiz and the guests, and Helen, had to guess where he was taking her. After a good couple of rounds, Helen learned she was being whisked of the Cuba for the best part pf 3 weeks, lucky lady!!

After the breakfast everyone headed back outside to enjoy the warm August evening and as the sun started to set we whisked a tipsy and very giggly Helen and Jordan off to the field at the back to take a couple of sunset pics.

They then hit the dance floor for the first dance and I think you know the rest……