When we first met

Emma and Ed’s wedding brings back so many great memories and a seriously big smile to my face as I write this blog post. It was one of those that will stand out for years to come. Our journey with Emma and Ed started when we met for a drink at a lovely country pub in Epsom, we chatted for ages, getting to know one another. We discussed their wish for fun, natural wedding photography in Sussex and we were so happy when they asked us to capture their wedding day.

Fast forward a few months and I popped down to the church and venue to have a look around and find a good stop off point in between for some fun, natural wedding photos. At the church I was greeted by a lovely lady who invited me to join them in for the tea and cake morning in the church hall. I met a few members of the choir and couldn’t resist a slice of lemon drizzle, quite possibly the best I’ve ever had!

The Wedding Day

A few weeks later it was Emma and Ed’s wedding day, it was during the summer heat wave so temperatures were in the high 20s and it was a beautiful sunny day. It was perfect. Emma got ready in the farm house at Kingscote Estate with her mum and bridesmaids. The girls had hair and makeup done and there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the air. Their vision for fun, natural, wedding photography in Sussex fit the day perfectly.

While I was capturing the girls, Simon was hanging out with the boys at Ed’s house. Capturing them drinking tea, playing with the cat and eating Bacon butties! The boys even made time to FaceTime their mate overseas. 
The groom prep was great fun.

The ceremony was held at The Holy Trinity church, it was a lovely service, featuring a wave of emotions. It was brilliant to get some waves and smiles from the choir!!

Kingscote Estate Wedding Venue

We stopped off at an awesome viewpoint in the Ashdown Forest for a few fun, natural wedding photos before heading back to Kinsgcote Estate Wedding Venue.

As it was such a lovely sunny day everyone was outside drinking Gin Cocktails and playing lawn games. Simon sent the drone up to take some pics from the air while I mingled with the guests and captured some awesome “in the moment” shots.

The Fun!

The meal and speeches followed which caused belly roll laughter and a few embarrassing moments for poor Ed and we had a few sentimental tears from Emma as her dad gave a lovely speech. 
After a few hours of reception part 1 it was time for everyone to jump on a coach and be whisked away to the Crown Plaza.

The band filled the dance floor and it was time to get the party started! Everyone used our GIF photo booth and wacky props too!

We caught some awesome dance floor action up until the point I was dragged off the dance floor and told to go home, ha! About an hour or so later I think we did! The least we can do for our couples is go above and beyond. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Emma and Ed’s Wedding absolutely rocked! Check out the Gallery here.

Church: The Holy Trinity church 
Venue: Kinsgcote Estate 
Hair and make up: Sarah Vickery 
Band: The Rebel Sounds